Thursday, July 12

The Women's Stuart Weitzman Invent Bootie

Stuart Weitzman Invent Bootie - The Classic, Remade

As the old adage goes, "With great fashion sense, comes great responsibility" -- or something like that. The Stuart Weitzman Invent Bootie is a spun alternative to the classic neutral bootie, perfect for those knee-length hippie-style dresses we all adore in the summer's heat.

These booties give women the option to reinvent and revitalize their closet, offering a fashionable solution to every ensemble dilemma. Instead of spending hours picking out the ideal pair of kicks, women have found it easier to plan their outfits around these specific shoes; afterall, this is a brand that strives to be the center of attention. These were meant to be your outfit's focal point, so plan around them.

What are the downfall of these boots?

Unfortunately, with all the pros, there are a few cons to the Stuart Weitzman Invent Bootie. One being the price, which is an astounding $495 per pair -- and that doesn't include the cost of shipping. Therefore, these booties would have to be a major indulgence for those who would typically feel guilty for purchasing such an expensive pair of shoes. The best advice? If you have to have the Stuart Weitzman Invent Bootie, set money back into a small savings specifically meant for your extravagant hopefuls. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to spend that kind of money on expensive footwear when you've earned the right to be a little glamorous.

The other downfall of the Stuart Weitzman Invent Bootie is the fact that not all sizes are represented. While sizes 6 through 10 cover a wide range of possibles, women with smaller or larger than average footwear needs will be sorely disappointed. Fortunately, this brand is famous for attempting to please all of their customers, meaning a wider range of sizes will likely follow after the shoe simmers on the market awhile.


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