Thursday, July 12

The Women's Nine West Bleaker Bootie - The First Timer's Experience

I've never spent more than $20 on a pair of shoes, which is why I've spent tons of money on new footwear -- more than any woman should. You can't purchase $20 shoes and expect them to be reliable or last for an extensive period of time. So, the Nine West Bleaker Bootie was my biggest one-time purchase I've ever made when regarding what goes on my feet. These shoes are completely brand new -- they haven't been on the market for more than a handful of weeks, if that; therefore, I was hesitant because this means I would be one of the first to wear and review them.

What I've experienced:

The Nine West Bleaker Bootie has changed my opinion about expensive footwear -- and it did so in only a matter of days. I wear these for work (an ULTA sales representative) and I've received numerous compliments from customers and co-workers alike.

The boots are made of a soft suede fabric with a side zipper and snap closure for extra comfort and snugness. As odd as it seems, I think of them as a second skin when I'm wearing them because they feel supple while contouring to fit all the curves of my foot and ankle. There's a slight height adjustment of around an inch and a half because of the rubber-leather mixture in the wedge heel.

The best part? My daughter can wear these! She is 16 years old, and a half size smaller in shoes; however, she claims the Nine West Bleaker Bootie is comfortable on her feet. I've let her wear them out a few times on dates and I've never heard a single complaint regarding blisters, soreness, or any aches -- which isn't usually the case because she has high, hard to fit arches. As a matter of fact, I intend on buying her a personal pair in a different color for her school day endeavors through her junior year in High School. With our reviews together, we think these booties are the best!


Video - the women's Bleaker bootie from Nine West:


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