Sunday, July 15

The Women's Nine West Smitten Bootie

Nine West Smitten Bootie - What's In A Name?

In a true Shakespearean fashion, the Nine West Smitten Bootie begs the poetic question, "What's in a name?" The word 'smitten' explains it all. With a definition that means 'in love' or 'infatuated', these bootiess are the epitome of classic romanticism in a world that focuses more on greed than love. One such woman found it difficult to part with her new pair of beloved shoes. Below, she'll tell us why.

"As a bartender, it's difficult for me to find shoes that keep my feet warm and protected from blisters or soreness during an all-night shift. The Nine West Smitten Bootie is new to the shoe-world; however, I was enamored from the first time I laid eyes upon them, conveniently displayed on a footwear website. At $99, I figured these better be the ultimate pair of kicks. Imagine my pleasant surprise when these booties were everything I had read they should be.

I work 12 hour shifts sporadically throughout the week. My first night with the Nine West Smitten Bootie, I was nervous because it wasn't unusual for my feet to be throbbing after 3 hours. The 3 hour mark came and went -- and before I knew it, my shift had ended with no aches or shooting pains through my arches. That's after standing for 10 hours on a concrete floor, serving drinks! I'm not so much concerned with how these look with my bartending outfit -- but they're a good match to my black dress-pants.

From what I've observed, the Nine West Smitten Bootie is made from high-quality leather with a silver buckle on the side of each shoe. There's also a side-zipper; plus, the insole is lined with light padding -- the feature I think nurtured my feet the most. It's hard work being a bartender and working the hours I do -- but with these booties, the job's a little better."


Video - get a closer look at the women's Smitten bootie from Nine West:


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