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The Women's Lucky Brand Tiarra Boot

Lucky Brand Tiarra Boot - Direct From The West

There was a time when the Lucky Brand Tiarra Boot was a design that all women wore. In those times, there were also gun-slingers, cowboy hats, and town sheriffs with gold stars on their lapels to prove it. It was the wild west; a moment in history when saloons were laden with what we now consider vintage pieces of the past, including cowgirl boots.

Fortunately, the design was saved and replicated, making what you see now. And with a twist, Lucky Brand has developed a pair of boots that will make you ponder shots of whiskey while watching the tumbleweeds float down deserted dust-filled streets.

One western lovin' gal had this to say about the Lucky Brand Tiarra Boot.

"These are innovative, allowing someone like me (a western historical buff) to see how far along cowboy boots have come from the past to the present. From first glance, I can tell these boots were made from a premium leather, possibly coated with a tinge of supple suede -- at least the camel color is. The brown appears to be pure leather, with a synthetic black sole and simple stitching across the heel and around the ankle. This is what would be called a "classic cut" -- one that was very popular in what's known now as the wild west.

It was unusual for women back then to wear such luxurious boots; therefore, the ladies of the modern era have the advantage of being comfortable in appealing footwear. Rising to mid-calf, the Lucky Brand Tiarra Boot also extends higher up the leg than boots of the past, making it easier to take on and off. The lip grip is a convenient method to test for snugness, and a wedge heel adds a stature boost of an inch and a half. Overall, from a professional historical standpoint, these boots would have been a hit with women back then -- as much as it will be now."


Video - get a better look at the women's Tiarra boot from Lucky:


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