Sunday, July 8

The Women's Rachel Zoe Danielle Bootie

Rachel Zoe Danielle Bootie - Your Inner Beast

We've all heard the old tales of the darker versions of Beauty and the Beast. Was Beauty struggling to release her inner Beast? Or did she just never own a pair of brutal shoes like the Rachel Zoe Danielle Bootie? Either way, things would have probably ended differently for that fairytale if Beauty were equipped with more feminine confidence and sophisticated sensuality. All things the booties are guaranteed to give the wearer -- because who doesn't want to feel like Queen of the world in awesome footwear?

Design-wise, these booties are ankle-length and black as pitch. Constructed from reliable leather, each shoe has 4 straps that end in silver buckles on the bootie's side. A small triangular gap allows a tantalizing glimpse of flesh to shine through between the first two buckles, and a 5 inch heel finishes off the bottom with a hard wedged sole. As we all know, when it comes to fashion, black goes with everything. With that said, these shoes would look cute with anything -- from a bright and frilly knee-length sundress to a black leather mini-skirt and corset combo.

Add a tinge of edge to your entire ensemble! These booties help you to accomplish a fiery and dynamic appearance without overspending. If you have the money to splurge, you have the budget for the Rachel Zoe Danielle Bootie. Priced at a lower than average $495, these booties are a definite indulgence. For women who love the lavish lifestyle, this footwear encourages extravagant living -- allowing you to feel good with yourself and a purchase that will become a worth-while investment to your feet.

So, release your inner beast to mingle with your outer beauty in a stunning pair of kicks that will have your strutting the beat of your own bountiful fashion sense. The Rachel Zoe Danielle Bootie makes every woman feel like a princess.


Video of the women's Danielle bootie from Rachel Zoe:


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