Friday, July 6

The Women's UGG Ambrogia Bootie

UGG Ambrogia Bootie - The All-American Rockstar

I'm your typical good-girl. I'm simply not a risk taker -- therefore, I was hesitant to invest in these UGG Ambrogia Bootie, especially for a rock concert that I would never have gone to under normal circumstances. I was begged and pleaded to and whimpered at until I finally relented to going with my sister -- a devout musician and my beloved polar opposite. She's the one who talked me into these booties, but admittedly, I'm really glad she did.

The studded leather and slight heel seemed to bring out the wildchild in me -- specifically when combined with a borrowed mini-skirt and a ripped top that sported the logo for Def Leppard. Can you say totally hooked?! I was really "aware" of myself, and not in a good way, when I initially put this whole ensemble on. I was completely out of my element. However, after walking and dancing and totally rocking out in these booties, I can see why women feel the need to wear such savage footwear. I've always heard my sister say, "there's just something about a delicious pair of heels" and I have to agree with her.

The bootie tread gripped very well in the concert environment -- where it's very possible to fall because there's beer and who-knows-what allover the floor. The event lasted through a set of 14 songs, plus a pre-show -- adding up to a total of about 4 hours and these booties nourished my feet through every beat. They're comfortable where it counts; which was amazing because even my sneakers give me blisters.

The UGG Ambrogia Bootie seemed to become apart of me and apart of the swaying movements of my body. These are shoes that you'll want to dance in when the music overpowers every fiber of your being. Overall, good-girl or not, I think I'll be finding more reasons to wear these booties on a regular basis.


Video - the women's Ambrogia ankle bootie from UGG Australia:


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