Sunday, July 8

The Women's Rachel Zoe Audrey Bootie

Rachel Zoe Audrey Bootie - With Movie Star Grace

We've all seen the films featuring footwear like the Rachel Zoe Audrey Bootie, and the roles are always played one of two ways.

The attractive and warm-hearted protagonist is decked out in a pair of fashionable booties over form-fitting blue jeans and a slouch-neck sweater. She's holding a cup of coffee in her hand and chatting with her new love interest who will turn into the one person she can't stop thinking about -- probably all because she wanted to wear her new booties around town and grab a cup of java. The style-inspired love story.

Or there's the villianess -- a pretentious and harsh, but beautiful, woman in the throes of a dominant position in her work place. She's feared and she relishes it. The click-clacking of her booties against the office floor lets others know she's on her way to their cubicle -- probably to rip them a new one for a faulty fax or missed memo. The archetypal tale of an evil-chic boss.

These are movie-star moments! The same personas could be exactly recreated with an everyday woman when she pairs the Rachel Zoe Audrey Bootie with either a fierce attitude or a sweet smile. Or imaginative women can create their own film-stars, complete with sophisticated kicks.

Raised 4.5 inches from the heel, each boot is designed to boost your stature and your confidence -- the suede bootie's bodice extends to a sole mixed with hard leather and rubber for shock absorption and ultimate protection against foot aches. Although, the best part of the Rachel Zoe Audrey Bootie is the insole -- cushioned with a sleek and slightly padded lining, these booties nurture your feet, contouring to every arch and curve. Available in colors like black and neutral/tan, these booties can be matched to your personality as much as your outfit.


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