Wednesday, July 18

The Women's Steven Riskey Boot

Steven Riskey Boot - The Risque' Outlaw

I'm an actress. You may have heard this before -- and yes, I do waitress part-time to make ends meet, but I'm acting is my passion and I pursue with a flaming desire, especially on the weekends. If you're satisfied with my intro to this review, I'll tell you the reason why the Steven Riskey Boot has been one of the highlights of my acting for the past week.

Community theatre takes up the majority of my life at least 4 times a week -- this means I get to dress up, put on a fantastic show for a brilliant audience of my community members, and act to my heart's content. That's where the Steven Riskey Boot comes in. Last week, I was cast as the part of the intense make-believe outlaw, Sissy Wiles; a part that required more than my beat up sneakers or gypsy-style flats.

These boots were perfect for the role! Combined with the rest of my outfit of spandex black pants and a old-western blouse, these boots made the whole ensemble look authentic. I literally felt like the risque' rebel with a penchant for hardcore men and a love of saloons -- which is strange considering I rarely become this into character.

The Steven Riskey Boot is made from high-quality leather, polished to a gleaming shine that reflects the stage-lighting perfectly. The 3 inch stacked heel on each boot gave me just the right boost to my normally short stature, allowing me to better play the role of an intimidating but seductive renegade. The crepe-like sole was excellent for shock absorption from the constant walking across the hard-wood stage, and it made a cool scraping sound that announced the outlaw's impending presence.

Overall, this boot has become my favorite pair of boots in the span of a week. For the price, I think I definitely got a deal as I've requested similar roles for the future wear of these shoes, intending to get my money's worth. There's an authentic quality to these boots that every actress and imaginative woman will appreciate.


Editor's note:  The above is excerpted from a review submitted to The Boot Factor - anonymity is respected for her input.


Video - get a better look-see at the women's Riskey boot from the Steven by Steve Madden line:


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