Friday, July 27

The Women's Nine West Throwdown Boot

Nine West Throwdown Boot - The Confidence Boosters

As a woman who recently went from a size 24 to a size 8, my confidence has taken a beating over the years -- mostly due to the quantity of weight I gained after having 2 children. It was to be expected, but after I lost the weight over a 2 year period, I still felt like something was missing. The Nine West Throwdown Boot was the M.I.A. element that I needed. While this footwear only recently surfaced, I felt like I had been searching for these boots, the perfect pair, for months!

You know those movies where a woman sees something and it seems like the object is surrounded by glowing light, and as she draws closer, she can hear angels singing in her head? That was my experience with the Nine West Throwdown Boot! Weight loss means a new wardrobe, but shoes have always been my weakest point. Albeit, these boots didn't seem like much of a challenge to decide on. I knew they would be going home with me as soon as I laid eyes on them. Even at a whopping $189, which is a price I never spend on footwear.

Assembled from soft suede and tied off with a leather outsole, the Nine West Throwdown Boot comes up to low thigh and looks fantastic with a sleek pair of jeans. Each boot has a small V-shaped slit in the back, completed with a silver buckle that is copied towards the boot's toe. Strappy and slender, these boots made me feel more confident and less like the has-been chubby chick.

I received compliments and wolf whistles that I hadn't anticipated, as well as a romantic evening with my husband because he wanted to show me off. I believe the Nine West Throwdown Boot gave me an opportunity to feel like I had really gained the freedom back when it comes to how I see my body.


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