Wednesday, July 18

The Women's Sam Edelman Elsa Bootie

Sam Edelman Elsa Bootie - Meeeow!

How can you describe the Sam Edelman Elsa Bootie without being over the top? Call it exquisite. Say this footwear is the most savage creation since the classic stiletto. You could even expect to hear a ROAR! come from each bootie. All of these methods of description still could not do these booties justice. The following testimonials and reviews are from honest, imaginative, and creative women with a passion for this footwear.

"Vicious is a word that isn't associated with positive things, most of the time. However, I found it is the epitome of what the Sam Edelman Elsa Bootie is all about -- in a good way! These booties make me feel like a slinking tigress. Or the confident lioness. These booties are that kind of 'vicious' -- the kind that is intermingled with ferocity, a little danger, and predominant beauty. I feel like a creature of wonder when I wear these shoes -- as if others around me are in shock and awe over how powerful and gorgeous each bootie is."

"My opinion of footwear is based solely on appearances first, and the Sam Edelman Elsa Bootie has aesthetic appeal in spades. Decked out in all-encompassing suede, these booties are unique because of their intricate lacing on the back of each shoe. The heels are 4.5 inches of stature boosting confidence, while a gold-brushed fabric enhances shimmer with every strut. These booties were made to be adored -- and worn often. Almost vampiric, the top of each bootie is curved into an alluring V-shape, allowing a peek at smooth ankles. As per the advertisement, these booties are "my oh my" indeed."

"It's awkward for me to refer to footwear with description and emphasis; however, the Sam Edelman Elsa Bootie blurts out a proverbial 'meeeow!' all on its own. Assembled from premium materials and designed to withstand the stress of a woman's workday, these booties allow me to feel sensual in boring business attire. Work-appropriate and comfortable, this is footwear I could get use to admiring."

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