Friday, July 6

The Women's UGG Bianka Boot

UGG Bianka Boot - Mars Needs Babes

To understand my subtitle in relation to the UGG Bianka Boot, you need to first understand my obsession with Rob Zombie. I LOVE his music -- his movies -- his everything! Coincidentally, he has a song entitled "Mars Needs Women," which just happened to be the tune I was rocking out to when I stumbled upon the UGG Bianka Boot advertisement. These boots remind me of something a sensual space babe would wear. Something you'd see in a music video with celestial interplanetary beauties who want to imprison all the men and have their own reserved planet. Impossible, I know -- but still, I never said I was a rational thinker.

I had to have these! The UGG Bianka Boot is made from suede and the signature sheepskin lining with a few harder wedges of rubber for the heel and outer rim. A ring of material juts slightly out from around the toe of each boot, appearing like the wider loops around Saturn.

I saw these were also available in a wide range of sizes with three neutral colors to choose from -- black, brown, and tan. Of course, I chose black because that goes with everything and size 8s fit me perfectly. These boots fit like they were made specifically for my feet -- every contour is ideal while I was expecting the usual aching arches from walking around all day in 4.5 inch heels.

The side zipper is handy for nights when I'm really too tipsy to mess with shoe-laces or numerous buttons. The UGG Bianka Boot is the flawless clubbing footwear! I've gotten so many compliments -- although, when I'm dancing in my room all by myself while getting ready for the club scene, I'm dancing to "Mars Needs Women" and rocking these kicks around the bed. I've even been known to use a hairbrush as my microphone and these boots are the perfect addition to my pre-club private show!


Video - the women's Bianka boot from UGG:


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