Friday, July 6

The Women's UGG Annaliza Boot

UGG Annaliza Boot - Pillow Hoppers!

I remember when clog-style shoes meant those ugly little sandals that we had to pound the dance-floor with. The UGG Annaliza Boot has changed my outlook. Blanketed in suede and studded with sparkling faux jewels, I have dubbed my black pair of these boots the "pillow hoppers." Why? Because everytime I walk in them, I feel as if I'm walking on pillows. No kidding!

UGG is famous for their cushioned insoles (usually made from sheep-skin) but these feel so much more... plush! I think it's the same material, only fluffier and more abundant than in the traditional UGG boots. I wish I could better describe their amazing softness, but alas, every descriptive word seems to fall short.

Almost everything is an advantage when it comes to wearing the UGG Annaliza Boot. Though, there was one disadvantage that was annoying but could be remedied. I wore these during a light rainstorm -- naturally, a bad decision because water spots and suede are notorious enemies. Some of the water spots seemed to also be mixed with a little dirt -- so, I was a little upset at how easily these could become soiled. Fortunately, a mixture of white vinegar, a smidge of baking soda, and a spritz of cold water will remove all the dirt -- making these boots as good as when I first bought them.

Instead of dreading the long days of clogging lessons like I did when I was a kid, I'm hitting the local clubs with a pair of boots that are comfortable and alot more fun to wear. They make me want to jump in one of those dance club cages and shake my booty with the best of the go-go girls. The UGG Annaliza Boot is first on my lips when I'm asked what I'll be wearing for a night out with my girlfriends, and last on my mind when those same friends ask to borrow a pair of shoes. These boots give me a reason to be protective over my footwear!


Video - get a better look at the women's Annaliza boot:


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