Thursday, July 26

The Women's Frye Jackie Button Strap Boot

Frye Jackie Button Strap Boot - Living In The 70's

In my neighborhood, I've been dubbed a number of things -- from just plain weird to "retro funky." I take both descriptions as compliments because it means I'm being unconventional, taking a step into the past to make those around me appreciate the 'now.' I live for the clothes and footwear reminiscent of the 70's -- which fits the Frye Jackie Button Strap Boot perfectly. It was groovin' love at first sight, and I have worn them everday for the past 2 weeks, receiving compliments left and right.

Is the Frye Jackie Button Strap Boot a 70's replica?

Nope! These boots just heavily resemble the traditional 70's footwear. Upon closer inspection, you can see that the stitching and seams are completely different from authentic go-go boots. The leather is soft and super feminine, which means these boots go best with something ultra sensual and supple -- such as a summer dress that falls just above the knees, or a frilled mini-skirt and classic blouse. Pair all combinations of ensemble with a pair of ultra-cool vintage shades and you've got a blast from the past look that will have all those 'jive-talkin' cats' flocking to follow in your neat-o footsteps.

For someone as obssessed with the 70's as I am, it's a compliment to the brand name for me to say that these are the closest to authentic that I've ever seen (aside from those that were actually from that era). The one element that throws the Frye Jackie Button Strap Boot off from being a true 70's replica is the western styling. The curves towards the boot's heel and toes resemble cowgirl footwear, where footwear from 4 decades ago would be sloped slightly inward to create an edgier appearance. Either way, these boots are awesome and I look forward to owning my own pair.


Video - the women's Jackie Button Strap boot from Frye:


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