Monday, July 2

Stuart Weitzman Swell Bootie - The First Impression

Based purely on appearance, the Stuart Weitzman Swell Bootie would be synonymous with definitions like sleek, sensual, sexy, sophisticated, and stunning -- all "S" words that slither seductively from your tongue.

Rising to the ankle, the Stuart Weitzman Swell Bootie has a spiked high heel -- reminiscent of stilettos with a difference in platform width. This makes these booties a safer walking option compared to traditional high heels. The back of each bootie zippers up, ending in a small leather tassle to accentuate overall design. Two hues make the buying decision a little more difficult -- however, many women have found it easier to buy in both colors (Black & Cola) for their numerous outfits.

If you're not the type to wear such a sassy pair of shoes on your busiest office days, a few other 'where to wear' suggestions are:

-- Couple the Stuart Weitzman Swell Bootie with a little black dress for a night out on the town with your girlfriends. These shoes are surprisingly comfortable, supporting your feet where they need it the most; while dancing the night away might not be the best idea, they're good to go for a few hours of booty-shaking at a local club.

-- Impress your date with a savvy fashion sense! Wear the Stuart Weitzman Swell Bootie with cute knee-length flowy dress, adding contrast to the stream-lined design of the booties. Throw in your favorite silver and turquoise jeweled pieces for a shining entrance.

Overall, the supple leather slips across the expanse of each Stuart Weitzman Swell Bootie, designing a classic look that combines the best with a cosmopolitan ensemble. Something that says the wearer is a dominant and independent woman with places to go and a whole line of beautiful people to cater to her every whim. It doesn't mean this goddess doesn't have a heart of gold -- it's just sheathed beneath the armor of a prideful appearance, complete with fierce footwear.


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