Saturday, June 30

Madden Girl Turnupp Boot - Dance Class Delight

It's true that when you retire before 60, you have trouble finding things to keep you busy -- such is my case. It's for this reason that I've taken up dance classes, learning to shake my 56 year old booty in new and interesting ways. The Madden Girl Turnupp Boot have proved to be very reliable "dance shoes" -- although I don't believe that's their original intended purpose. All I know is, the tread makes easier some of the more difficult moves and the soft material feels so smooth against my bare calves.

Made out of soft faux suede, these boots have a cushioned insole -- but I couldn't tell you what kind of material the interior is. All I know is it's supportive on my almost entirely flat arches, and fits snugly in the right places without rubbing blisters on my heels.

The Madden Girl Turnupp Boot is in a neutral shade of dark brown, which I thought was great. when combined with a knee length sun-dress, these boots give me a younger "Little House on the Prairie" appearance -- something that was popular and sought-after when I was a kid. It's amazing how re-reading one sentence can make you feel so old! *laughs*

What is the best about the Madden Girl Turnupp Boot is how it makes me feel. I haven't given up my fashionable ways just because I'm quickly approaching the big 6-0! These boots make me feel comfortable in my own skin, where some of today's fashion makes me feel like I need to submit to the designated 'old lady wear' of mumus and housecoats. These are boots that allow me to declare in a proud voice that I can still dress beautifully and comfortably -- still looking pretty after all these years. I thought retirement would be the end of me -- but this amazing footwear has taught me it's only the beginning.


Video - check out the women's Turnupp boot from Madden Girl:


For more info on this and a few other comparable styles, visit:

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