Friday, June 8

Madden Girl Raszcal Boot vs. Steve Madden Banddit

Madden Girl Raszcal Boot
I write about boots - I write about boots a lot.  One of the lines of boots that grabs my attention and writing time more than others is Steve Madden, and it's branch-off line, Madden Girl.  This year (2012) one of my favorite boots is the Steve Madden Banddit.  Today I was glad to see the release of the Madden Girl Raszcal (shown in top left photo).

Why:  The reason I was so happy to see the Raszcal is that quite a number of women are making noise about the Banddit, but as it turns out, not as many women are able to afford the price - the Raszcal is more within financial reach for those ladies who might be a bit more on a budget - $79.95 vs. $169.95 retail price.

Steve Madden Banddit Boot
Madden Girl Raszcal vs. Steve Madden Banddit:  The Banddit boot is shown in the right photo - if you compare it to the photo top left (the Raszcal), you might find that you can see almost no difference (except in the color of course - the Banddit also comes in black).  So - why the lower price tag?  Simple - the main difference that I know of is the material - the Raszcal is constructed from a faux leather rather than genuine leather (like the Banddit).

Unique fashion company:  The Steve Madden company is unique not only in its fashion-forward styles (often leading the pack with other companies copying its styles), but in its recognition that when styles are released that cater to a younger, more fashion-conscious crowd, that often those younger women are not as easily able to afford the higher price tag.  On a number of those styles they will create a version (in the Madden Girl line) that are more affordable.  (Thoughtful!)

No matter which boot you might prefer - the Steve Madden Banddit or the Madden Girl Raszcal - the unique style of the below-the-knee-wrap-around-and-buckle strap will be drawing some attention your way.

Video - the new (as of June 2012) Madden Girl Raszcal:

For more info on this new style, as well as the Banddit and a couple of other comparable styles, visit:

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