Saturday, June 16

The Women's Fergie Limit Boot - Iffy Footwear

Known as the "iffy" footwear, the Fergie Limit Boot is an acquired taste. An odd design of leather under a forefront of black suede doesn't meet the fashionistic desires of most women. However, for the adventurous types who love to try new things, these boots are an innovative way to freshen up an outfit. Boasting buckled details and a zippered side, these are shoes meant to spark imagination; a perfect piece of footwear for creative artists, beat poets, or the average everyday beauty with a hankering for something new.

These boots have been dubbed the iffy footwear because of the expression women will get across their face when they first see them. It's a look of wonder and curiosity tinged with confusion and the tiniest bit of doubt. At the price of $189, this is really a pair of boots that you can't expect to try out for just a little while. It's an investment made into a long-lasting relationship by the reliable fabric and durable cushioned insoles. These boots also raise the bar -- or at least the woman -- a full 2 and a half inches above their regular height.

With asphalt grey and taupe as the 2 main color choices, these boots might be a little more popular if they came in a wider variety of hues. Ranging in sizes from 5 1/2 to 10, the Fergie Limit Boot supports a woman's natural arch with a padded heel in every boot -- absorbing the shock of extensive walking or long periods of standing. A cotton mixture material on the inside of each boot provides a snugness for contours and the organic curves in a woman's ankle and foot. Somehow, this design works. A strange allure surrounds these boots, captivating women until this becomes the footwear you won't leave the house without.

Video - check out the Limit boot from Fergie in more detail:

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  1. These are wonderful! I love that they’re proving once and for all that you don’t have to damage your foot to have the perfect fashion.

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