Wednesday, June 6

Steve Madden Banddit Boot - Straps Mark The Spot!

Straight out of tales featuring pirate-laden ships and myserious gypsies, the Steve Madden Banddit Boot was made for women with vintage attitude. Wrapped in straps of faux leather and available in 3 well-worn colors, these boots speak volumes about a woman's personality. Are you the tough saloon cowgirl with a secret heart of gold? Could you be the ship's captain in all her wench-like glory? Are you better suited to a time when Annie Oakley ruled the wild west? These boots can make your imagination come to life.

Supple material offers a snug warmth for your feet in colder climates, while comfortable inner cushioning is a no-blister guarantee. Slapped with bronze buckles, these boots present an image of natural non-chalance and casual edge. The pre-scuffed design is also surprisingly resilient against the traditional wear and tear of regular use.

Inspired by classic stories of strong-willed damsels, these boots have a slight wedged hell to boost your height by almost an inch and a half. The Steve Madden Banddit Boot is sold in full and half sizes with an affordable purchasing and shipping price; this means there's no reason not to own these! When paired with a flowing knee-length skirt and old-fashioned ruffle blouse, these boots become the creators of a beautiful pirate princess. You can be the master of your destiny, free from the shackles of everyday living when wearing these boots. All it takes is a little mental creativity to boost the limitless possibilities of what you can become when you slip on the Steve Madden Banddit Boot.

These boots are for the most fashionable storytellers. Supportive and stylish means the Steve Madden Banddit Boot is a sensible alternative to the usual cowgirl footwear. Your feet and imagination will thank you!

Video - the women's Banddit boot from Steve Madden:

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