Tuesday, June 12

The Women's Ariat Lowland Boot - Robo Woman

We're going robotic with the futuristic design of the Ariat Lowland Boot. Reminiscent of something you'd see the heroine wearing in movies like Resident Evil or Underworld, these boots exude an intense edge of a new revolution. Women who enjoy the movies where the girl is the one doing the hardcore butt-kicking will love having the opportunity to tower over the competition in these shoes. The Terminator has reason to be envious when you step out on the town in these black leather duds -- also available in brown, tan, and chestnut.

Accented by a dark grey suede background, these boots have unique straps across the ankle and mid-calf. The supple inner material glides smoothly across your feet, morphing the simple gesture of wiggling your toes into a delightful experience. A zippered-side on each boot makes it easier for these shoes to be put on and taken off; although, you may want to snuggle into them for as long as possible as the fabric cradles your heels and supports your arches. The Ariat Lowland Boot is a prime example of what every woman needs in her life -- comfort and protection against things that gives her aches, pains, and sore feet.

Below, you'll find the all-true testimonial of a satisfied customer:

-- "I'm a tracker for wild game in Alaska. This may seem like a weird job for a woman, but I've been doing this for upwards of the last 3 decades. I go through more shoes than I know what to do with, and have wasted more money than I ever should have on cheap pairs. The Ariat Lowland Boot is the only footwear I've bought in the last 5 years that has been everything it was advertised to be. These boots keep my feet warm, dry, and protected while I work."

Video - here is a good look at the women's Lowland boot from Ariat:

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