Wednesday, June 20

The Women's KORS Michael Kors Jacy Bootie

KORS Michael Kors Jacy Bootie - For The Upper Class Business Hopeful

I've always thought I am a woman of high ambition and prestige -- which is why I literally jumped for joy and did a happy jig in my kitchen when I landed my upper-class dream job (marketing assistant). It was a stepping stone towards my ultimate career and I truly believe the KORS Michael Kors Jacy Bootie helped me win over my boss and knock back the competition.

These booties scream sophistication, sensuality, and class -- everything I've forever considered myself to be. I paired these shoes with an all-black business suit, complete with a just-above-the-knee skirt and a serious demeanor. Small silver earrings and a black leather watch blended perfectly as the accessories and seemed to match the booties -- further bringing out their sleek appearance. I looked like I stepped directly out of a high-class magazine for business professionals.

The KORS Michael Kors Jacy Bootie fit snugly around my ankle and boosted my original height of 5'3' to a modest 5'7.5 -- an entire 4.5' in added stature. I felt like I confidently towered over the other potentials in line for the job. I moved gracefully, despite the extreme heel and secret fear of toppling over. These booties supported my feet in the places that needed it most -- mainly the heel and my arch. They absorbed all the shock of walking with an arched heel and I easily maintained a self-assured stride throughout the interview room.

These booties are made out of a supple suede material, which proved to be extremely comfortable. I expected these to hurt and leave blisters like the other fancy footwear in my closet, but I was shocked to discover there were no raw spots after the interview. I had a little aching in my toes from walking in a slightly elevated position, but that was to be expected with almost 5 inches of extra height. In general, I was really happy with the KORS Michael Kors Jacy Bootie. I wholeheartedly believe they allowed me the confidence I needed to succeed in my interview. 

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