Wednesday, June 13

Old Gringo Violina Boot - Let's Make Beautiful Music

The Old Gringo Violina Boot is a fancy piece of footwear that any passionate woman would love to make beautiful music with. Fiddling babes will find these boots especially amusing as trails of lyrical tabs curves their way around each shoe from front to back. Wrapped in harmonies and melodies, the boots come in either black or brass with gold filigree -- representing symphonic passion coupled with classic fashion. When you wear a pair of boots like these, your imagination takes hold -- allowing you to hear the music of every stride as you walk from one place to another. Can you detect the high-pitch of a melodious violin or the feel-good twang of a banjo when you slip your feet into these boots?

Not only are these boots great for the musically-inclined, they're also perfect for those evenings out on the dance floor. Constructed out of a leather with a hint of cowgirl style, the Old Gringo Violina Boot gives you a beat you can dance to -- whether it's your own or the one played by your local band. Scuffed in all the right places, these boots give you a confidence boost that will far surpass the 2 inches of extra height added by a rubber wedge heel. You can feel the music through the floor of any saloon, pumping straight to your soul when you're donning these boots.

You don't have to sing like a canary or have the dancing skills of Jennifer Grey to wear the Old Gringo Violina Boot. These shoes will set your creative process aflow with innovative ideas and new dance moves all on their own. Create a new personality and attitude when you wear these boots. Be vibrant! Be bold! Be the conductor of your adventures in footwear that makes your heart sing.

Video - get a good look at the women's Violina boot from Old Gringo:

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