Wednesday, June 13

Dr. Martens Felicity Boot - In The Wild

For wilderness junkies and adrenaline addicts, the Dr. Martens Felicity Boot is the most sensible option. These are the traditional vanilla duds for the everyday sort of woman -- no fashion sense or desire for accessory required. These shoes are inconspicuous, low-profile, and perfect for keeping your tread noise down while sneaking up on an unsuspecting animal or enemy. Ideal for traveling and adventurous activities, these boots rank high on a military scale. Below, you'll find a testimonial for these boots from one very satisfied woman and soldier.

-- "As a marine, it's my job to defend and protect. Therefore, while I'm on the field or going through a scenario with a rookie, I need complete concentration -- derived mostly from not worrying about wearing heels or anything glitzy. Rhinestones and pretty little flowers have their time and place -- and as a woman, I can appreciate those things when I'm playing civilian. However, during most of the day, I'm a soldier and this means being one with the team in unity and courage. It's comforting to know the Dr. Martens Felicity Boot was made for women like me. I've recommended these to all of my bunkmates, as well as a few of my superior female officers. There's not a single woman I've talked to who has ever been disappointed with the way these boots feel or function."

Available in simplistic colors, like the neutral tan or true black, the Dr. Martens Felicity Boot has a 1 inch rubber tread for easy grip on rough terrain. It's like a 4-wheel drive all-purpose jeep built into your shoes! However, at $170 per pair, women are understandably hesitant at first because high cost can sometimes mean low quality. Rest assured, these boots are made from premium leather and lined with the toughest, most durable cushioned insole for comfort and sensibility.

Video - check out (from all angles) the women's Felicity boot from Dr. Martens:

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