Tuesday, June 12

Women's Ariat Uptown Boot - Down To Earth

The Ariat Uptown Boot is a meant for the big city shoe with a down-to-earth hippie feel. Leather-crafted in 3 different colors -- doe brown, chocolate chip/hawaiian blue, and brown/yellowtail -- and sold in a variety of women's full and half sizes, these boots are the epitome of botanical beauty. Woven vines of bright green spirals curl up the sides of each boot, ending in numerous blossoming blooms of differing vibrant hues. The leafy details will leave any woman wandering through her own mental garden -- navigating her way through sweet-scented florets.

A scalloped top is reminiscent of vintage doilies and good old-fashioned country antics. You'd think the insoles were cushioned with rose petals -- instead, they're padded with high-quality cotton mixtures for shock absorption and arch support. No blisters or bruised heels will ruin your walk in the park. A small stacked-block heel adds an extra 2 inches to average stature, allowing you to tip-toe through the tulips with excellent posture and towering confidence.

In the Ariat Uptown Boot advertisement, manufacturers describe these shoes as "charming." This is a meaning that carries a wide range of stymbolism -- from the sarcastic to the cryptic and the honest. Rather than beat around the proverbial flower bushes, here are a few words used to describe the boots by women who've worn them.

--  "Lovely. Uplifting. Comfortable."
-- "Supportive. Confidence-building. Flourishing."
-- "Verdant. Blossomy. Cute."

Every woman seems to have a different but very positive opinion when it comes to describing the Ariat Uptown Boot. At a mere $209 on the designer's website, these boots are a steal compared to others of their comfort and caliber. Dancing in a field of wildflowers has never been so appealing than when a woman's wearing these boots with pride and poise. They're a symbol of care-free spirit -- footwear for the storytelling gypsy and uptown princess in all of us.

Video - get a good look at these free-spirited boots for women:

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