Tuesday, June 12

Ariat Indian Sugar Soule Boot - Cinco de Mine!

As a woman of Mexican descent, it's my cultural duty to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a vigor and vibrance that my late ancestors would approve of. In all my 25 years on earth, I've never seen footwear quite like the Ariat Indian Sugar Soule Boot -- it's as if these were made especially for me with the thought of our culture's day of the dead not far behind. While some people may bake sugary treats and wile away the hours with their family, I can dance with mine in the street -- kicking my heels up and displaying the logo "Don't Walk In Fear" with pride.

Constructed from high-quality leather, each boot is embroidered with a sugar skull emblem and a motivational quote on the back. The base of the boots are black; however, sky-blue, orange, pink, green, and red are among some of the other colors infused in the designs. A beautifully rich blue hue also lines the inside of each boot -- adding a cloud-like feel to the cushioned insoles and rubber wedge heel. Every stride feels light and fluffy! Strips of leather 'feathers' sweep down the side of each boot for a flowing, diverse appearance.

My favorite part about these boots is the knowledge of culture that was involved. The designers were obviously ambitious and willing to create something beautiful and brilliant for people whose holidays are commonly overlooked in the US. While the price is extremely steep at $500 -- excluding shipping fees -- the Ariat Indian Sugar Soule Boot is worth breaking the bank for. I've experienced nothing but happiness and pure joy while wearing these boots. It's as if all the colors are shining through my soul, enriching the Cinco de Mayo holiday and pleasing my ancestors. I expect to rely on these boots for the rest of my lifetime.

Video - check out the women's Ariat Indian Sugar Soule Boot:

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