Thursday, June 21

The Women's Juicy Couture Rino Boot

Juicy Couture Rino Boot - Are The 80's Back?

The Juicy Couture Rino Boot evokes a mixture of diverse feelings in me. I want to love them because of the electric blue lining, but the whole design of these boots looks like something I tried to avoid in the 80's. This is based on first impression -- as I haven't worn them for more than a few minutes from the inside of a department store. What I liked most about these boots is...

-- The combination of blue and black meshes well! I love how the blue peeks out of the black in frilled strips. It's a beautiful contrast that would give a flair to offbeat, down-to-earth outfits.

-- The leather straps are for the sake of appearance and don't have much of a function from what I could see. When I adjusted these straps, they really didn't have much effect on how snugly the boots would fit -- instead, the zippered side controls how comfortable these boots can be.

Unfortunately, that's where my "most liked" list ends.

What I disliked about the Juicy Couture Rino Boot is...

-- Everything else. These boots are made for people who want to reminisce about times when the Juicy Couture Rino Boot would have been considered 'IN' fashion-wise. I can't think of a single outfit in my closet that would warrant wearing these boots for anything other than a 'blast from the past' costume party.

I understand that fashion changes and something can come back through the decades to haunt us all when it comes to how we dressed back then, but I can't see many people of this generation being interested in boots like these. They're too up-tight and polished, when most young people go for purposely slouchy and scuffed. While I loved the 80's, I was a rocker and the Juicy Couture Rino Boot would have been popular with the pop/hip-hop crowd.

Video - the women's Rino boot from Juicy Couture:

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