Saturday, December 29

Women's Justin Boots of 2012-2013

The women's Justin boots of 2012-2013 have been the highlight of the winter season for fashion queens across the world. Notable for quality, comfort, and style, the new boots are built to be durable and innovative while still maintaining the traditional great appearance of older Justin boot line-ups. Deemed the go-to place for cowboy boots that look and feel authentic, this footwear uses intricate design and elaborate stitching to make every pair creative and original. Some of the most anticipated from the 2012 line are...


Justin L4971 (shown left)

Decked out in an eye-catching red that is reminiscent of bonfires in the vibrant throes of autumn, these boots are brilliant in hue and overall design. Tradition with a pointed toe, these boots have already gained rave reviews from wearers. Extending to a height of mid-calf with a relaxed fit around the calf muscle, each boot is stitched with white for a contrasting look that will make any outfit pop.


Justin L2900 Gypsy

These boots were made to make wearers think of a vintage western world. Reminiscent of saloons, swinging doors, and good whiskey served by a man with a handle-bar moustache, each boot is burnished to a dusty sheen. Purposely tanned to appear worn, these boots are meant to last through the wear and tear of everyday career farm life. Or they can be worn for a day of casual muddin' fun!


Justin L9991 Gypsy Harness

A personal favorite among women with a "tough" ready-to-rumble edge, these boots are perfect for the biker in every babe. A deep scallop at the opening of the shaft allows a contoured fit that extends to just above the ankle. The toe is squared with a padded insole for fewer blisters and better comfort, while a harness adds a touch of silver accents to a high-quality black leather finish.

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