Saturday, December 29

Frye Up Some Boots

Some of the hottest trends of late 2012 incorporate the sleek, sensual, and savvy designs of the new Frye boots. Rife with style for the everyday woman, these boots enhance confidence, allowing women the opportunity to take the utmost pride from their footwear. It's not wrong to love what's on your feet!

Example? When a woman's walking down the street in a great pair of shoes, her head will be held higher than if she were walking around in a pair of worn-down flip-flops. She'll smile easier, laugh harder, and be more confident because she knows for a fact these boots make her legs look fantastic. A few of this season's boots that look the best on everyone are...


New Frye Carmen 3 Strap (shown left)

Designed to enhance creative flow, these all-leather boots conform perfectly to almost anyone, ensuring their lower legs are snugly wrapped in warm awesomeness. Each boot has a two buckle shaft with a one buckle waist, combining sensibility and fit with glamor and overall appearance appeal. Available in several neutral colors, these boots would go great with a hippie-style dress or a favorite pair of faded jeans. Their natural hues mean they can be paired with practically any outfit.


New Frye Lucinda Scrunch

Constructed to embrace legs, these boots makes a hug look like a handshake. Contouring to fit every curve comfortably, each boot has a stream-lined design to flow effortlessly below the knee. They take comfort to a whole new level! Some women are under the impression that beauty comes with pain; however, these boots are testament to happier, more comfortable times. Padded insoles mean less bruising and healthier feet, while softer material equals lack of chafing and more reason to smile. Perfect with jeans or a knee-length skirt, these boots are made to be worn with a glowing grin of self-assurance.

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