Saturday, December 29

Black Boots For Authentic Cowgirls

The trend of black cowboy boots for women is one that has grown in popularity over the past few years, reaching a crescendo in 2012. These boots have been perfected for wear by women from all walks of life. The strict in-the-office business woman may find herself drawn to a pair of boot-scootin' boogie-down footwear for her relaxing, casual weekends. Or a real cowgirl might find wrangling steer and chasing pigs a more fashionable and easy task with a set of rawhide-reminiscent duds. When it comes to boots like these, it's all about perspective and how the wearer wants to be portrayed.

For example, a woman who adores short shorts and slide-on shoes in the summer will fall in love with the Rocket Dog Sheriff Boot. Slouchy and designed to go with every outfit, these boots will accentuate the contours of a woman's legs, giving her a beautifully-shaped appearance from pant hem to toe. Two easy pull-up tabs make it simple to remove these boots after a long night of square dancing, while the spacious insole leaves your feet cramp-free and dainty as ever.

Where some women prefer their signature summertime ensemble, some prefer a winter-esque shoe they can wear in frostier conditions. For instance, the Frye Jackie Button Boot is longer in the shaft, extending towards just below the knee for comfortable warmth that guarantees frost-free feet. Comprised of supple leather, these boots are insulated with a mesh of heat-holding materials that not only keep your toes icicle-less, but also keep your toes free of bruises and painful rub marks.

With all fashion purposes aside, some women would rather have a pair of boots like the Laredo Providence. These offer a more traditional aesthetic appeal, complete with western-style marking, and all the toughness and durability that comes with being a career cowgirl.

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