Saturday, December 29

Fancy UGG Footwear

In 2012, some of the new UGGs are destined to lean towards fancier fashion, with rhinestones, straps, and super-chic heels galore. But what makes a boot truly UGG? These manufacturers line their boots with traditional sheepskin for a moisture-wicking, heat-controlled, super-soft walking experience. What have they come up with for the fancier side of late 2012?


UGG Fabrice Boot (shown top-left)

Made for dancing and dining the night away, these boots give a sensual witchy feel to any wardrobe. They're the hiking boots for women who prefer not to hike. With a heel wrapped in crepe and standing at a little over 1.5 inches, these boots are sleek and layered to complete the look of a totally hardcore but elegant chick. Dubbed rugged and rowdy, these boots are especially perfect for those with an admiration of old-world fashion, as they go great with long pirate-like skirts and an off-the-shoulder blouse.


UGG Taryn Boot

This is animalistic love at first-sight as these boots are embossed with reptile print over fine, high-quality leather from heel and toe to just above the ankle. With a cute clog construction, each boot is decorated with symmetrical studs and unique strapping for a show of creative pesonality. When paired with a hippie-style white dress, these boots pop with beauty!


UGG Bailey Bow Boot

Taking a trip back to the teen years, these boots are a cutesy addition to any closet. Available in bright colors with bow accents on the back of each boot, they're lined with sheepskin for the insole and a cozy suede swaddles the outside shaft. Each bow is made from durable lace that is tear-resistant, meaning no amount of tough pulling and tugging will rip these boots to pieces. That's good news for any woman with a curious toddler or chews-a-lot pup.

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