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Exotic UGG Boots 2012-2013

As of late 2012, there have been a surge of new UGG boots released to awaiting fans; those who have grown tired of usual styles and the traditional UGG appeal. Hearing the distress calls of those who long for something more spectacular in their fashionable footwear, UGG manufacturers have dug deep into their creative minds to bring imaginative shoes to the feet of millions.

Below are some of their most endearing, lovely, and eccentric styles for the artist, creator, and dreamer in all women.


UGG Classic Short Exotic (shown top-left)

Once upon a time, animal print was designated for older women with a tendency to deck themselves in too many zebra stripes. Instead of being a walking safari, women discovered that less was more and these boots are the perfect amount of eccentricity for animal print lovers everywhere. Constructed from bovine fur and printed with either zebra stripes or cheetah spots, each boot has an UGG signature fabric (sheepskin) nestled into the insole. This makes for a traditional UGG feel with an innovative UGG style for more adventurous shoe selection.


UGG Bailey Button Metallic

For women whose childhood dreams surrounded galactic trips into space, these boots are designed to shimmer and shine like stars. Reminiscent of an astronaut's gleaming footwear, these boots are comfortable with an upper construction of sheepskin and an outer material of soft metallic-colored fabric. Durable for rainy, snowy, or sunny days, these boots are a journey out of this world; they're also available in kid sizes so mothers and daughters can coordinate their outfits to match.


UGG Calvina Boot

Some boots aren't all glamour and glitz, as demonstrated by the sensible Calvina style. Best for hiking or taking a long walk over rougher terrain, these boots are designed to feel luxurious on the inside, while being durable on the outside.


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