Sunday, January 6

Kickin' Knit UGGs For Knockouts

In years past, knitting anything has been associated with toboggans and ugly little sweaters that you might re-gift after the holiday seasons ended. However, knit UGGs are making the use of this age-old grandmother-esque craft into a fashion statement; one that any cozy-loving woman would want to sport when the weather turns frigid. Below you'll find three knitted boot pairs that put the fan-base back into fashionable.

UGG Tularosa Detachable Knit Boots (shown left)

Initially, these boots aren't the most appealing, as the attached cuff of extra grey knee-length fabric might be too 80s-esque for modern women. Fortunately, for there's more than one way to wear these, as the cuff can be rolled down for a shorter, just as warm ankle boot, or you can detach it completely. Though, we've found that the extra material really comes in handy on chillier evenings.


UGG Argyle Knit Boots

The argyle pattern on these boots will likely bring back memories of walking from one classroom building to another on wintry mornings. There's just something sophisticated and academic about these boots, as each one is comprised of a raised diamond pattern along a 12 inch shaft; both leading up to knee-length and lined with traditional sheepskin.


UGG Lattice Cardy Knit Boots

These knit UGG boots are reminiscent of colder nights spent pub hopping in Ireland with friends; or perhaps a comfortable log-cabin sort of birthday with a rugged beau next to a roaring fireplace in mountainous America. It's footwear you can envision being with you as you make your way around the world, jumping from one adventure to the next. Sporting 2 looks in one, these boots are comprised of a wool-blend for a lattice-like weave of aesthetically pleasing fabric. The insole is lined with signature sheepskin to warm toes and wick away moisture, while there are nine colors to choose from.


Check out this year's hot styles in knit boots from UGG Australia:

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