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Justin Boots For Artistic Ladies

Have you ever wanted to paint a mental picture with your footwear? Justin women's cowboy boots are designed to bring out the artistic beauty in all wearers. Whether you're a sculptress, part-time ballerina, painter, cartoonist, or just someone who appreciates a good piece of art, these boots will accentuate your artsy nature with vibrant color, unique overall design, and intricate stitching. Sensible and durable as well as beautiful, each set of shoes is constructed from premium leather with gorgeous threading and a padded insole to prevent blisters. Comfortable and brilliant, every pair is different, speaking sole to soul with the wearer as she struts from one walk of life to another.

A few examples are...

Justin L4302 Women's Cowboy Boots (shown left)

These boots are positively stunning in a turquoise hue that evokes thoughts of acrylic paint and vivacious landscapes. The side designs appear to blossom from the leather itself with vines and huge blooms wrapping around each boot. Ideal for the wearer who craves color, these boots are customizable with ivory, white, black, or likewise turquoise stitching.


Justin Gypsy Cowgirl

Deemed worthy of a gypsy princess, these boots are unique, eccentric, and beautiful, especially when paired with a flowing skirt and summery tank top. Loose fitting and relaxed is the style of each boot as they extend to mid-calf, cushioning footfalls with every step. These can also be personalized with color, from light to hot pink, mellow brown, ruby red, leather neutral, and an orange that will set your style aflame (in a good way). A rounded toe offers more wiggle room, while the rubber outsole is the perfect shock absorber.


Justin L4332 Women's Cowboy Boots

Spiraling and spinning across a vast landscape of high-quality leather, the elaborate stitching on these boots is testament to patience and time. Each pair is comfortable, calming, and perfect for a peaceful soul to sole experience.


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