Tuesday, May 22

The Women's Savannah Boot From Harley Davidson - A Fashion "Yes!"

The Harley Davidson Savannah Boot is one pair of fashionable footwear that combines sensibility, comfort, and style. Thus far, there have been very few complaints made on these boots after a long period of wear. Fortunately, many women have documented their testimonials about these boots to aid others in their footwear decisions. Below you'll find the reviews of 4 honest and satisfied customers who had nothing but good things to say about these original boots.

-- Anni R. of Sherrills Ford, NC, wrote, "When my husband bought me these boots, I was skeptical. Up until that point, I wasn't able to find a pair of boots for our riding trips that would be comfortable AND feminine. It seemed impossible! The Harley Davidson Savannah Boot proved me wrong and I've worn them on every motorcycle trip we've had in the last 3 months. There's been no problems and I expect these boots to last me and probably outlast the engine in my Harley."

-- Natalie C. from Arlington, TX, said, "I'm always on the road. I love the freedom of riding my Harley everywhere but I absolutely hated how sore my feet would be after a long day of biking. These boots allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief because I was no longer cringing in pain after a strenuous ride. I'm a born biker babe and these boots were made for someone just like me!"

-- Deborah M. of 'everywhere' in the USA claimed, "I travel everywhere on my Harley and have for the past 3 years. There's a sense of freedom and spirit that accompanies living anywhere and everywhere, being able to pick up and go at any time. So, you can imagine that I do a great deal of walking, as well as sitting. This is where the Harley Davidson Savannah Boot comes in handy. They're insulated for the cold evenings spent on the open road and feminine for the everyday woman."

Check out the video - the Savannah boot for women from Harley Davidson:

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