Tuesday, May 22

The Faded Glory Boot for Women From Harley-Davidson

The Harley Davidson Faded Glory boot is ideal for anybody who loves knee high boots as well as short boots. The boot has a shaft height of five inches. The heel height is one point five inches. This means that the boot is awfully comfortable and is well designed for anyone who likes long walks and outdoor activity.  The boot is also very good quality leather. This makes it very attractive for all women. The inside of the boot is cushioned and has its wearer feeling more than comfortable while wearing it. . The cushion lining also helps in keeping the wearers’ feet dry and fresh. This is great because no one likes to have their feet feel stuffy and out of air. 

This character of comfort enables the boot to be suitable for riding - it has a sole created to grip the ground. Apart from that, the boot has a sole that is well suited for steep places. That means that when the wearer decides to go in the woods and the grass is wet and slippery, they will be the least bit worried about sliding and falling flat on their face!! The Faded Glory women's boot goes for a hundred and thirty four dollars. Who does not agree that this is a reasonable price for this classy everyday wear? The Harley Davidson Faded Glory boot comes in one color, which is black. This is very good because the boot can match with all sorts of wear, since black matches all other colors. The boot comes in half and full sizes for women. The boot also has straps and this means that it is awesome because it grips the wearers’ feet properly and is adjustable. This character enables it to be perfect for outdoor activities like hiking as well as other activities.

Video - get a good look at the women's Faded Glory boot from Harley:

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