Thursday, February 7

Ariat Boots For Women

Some women would prefer their footwear to match their personality. Shoes that fit the individuality mold would present a woman through her choice of bold colors, funky designs, and unsurpassed comfort. While we're unsure how other brand name booties would add up, we're positive that the new Ariat women's cowboy boots is up to the funky personality par. Every year this company attempts to come up with something innovative, creative, imaginative, and unique; 2013 is no different and we think they've succeeded with flying colors.

Our favorites are:

Ariat Fatbaby Cowgirl Boots

8-inches of quality leather from heel through shaft makes this boot a comfortable wonder to wear. Available in 3 multi-color combinations, these boots feature a rounded old western toe with perforated stitching and scalloped cut around the vamp. Brightly hued seams run to pull-on holes and subtle top tabs, contrasting the thick rubber outsole. Lightweight and beautiful, each boot is designed to accentuate your every dazzling characteristic.


Ariat Billie Women's Cowboy Boots

Standing at a 7-inches from heel to top, these boots are ankle-length and available in 3 color combinations with an allover pebbled leather base. Intricate stitching send shoots of fire-like patterns up each boot's shaft, while a full-side zip discreetly offers a snug and comfortable fit. For that extra boost to your average stature, the 1.5-inch stacked heel is rubber capped for quiet tread and optimum traction.


Ariat Legend Women's Cowboy Boots

The tallest in our little list thus far, these boots extend from heel through shaft to stand at 11 inches. Comprised from full-grain leather, each boot is fitted with a sock liner for ultimate arch and heel support, which means your feet will have fewer (if any) blisters after trudging in this footwear all day. This was on our favorites because of the cool color combination options! Available in a nifty leopard print, these boots are a roaring good time no matter where you may be.

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