Monday, February 4

Sweater UGGs For Wintry Mixes

Weather around the world is crazy right now with some temperatures dropping to below 30 degrees or lower. This means cold everything, from the top of your head to the bottoms of your toes. Ensure your feet don't turn into oversized icicles with this season's new line of sweater UGGs! Designed to withstand the worst of wintry mixes and inclimate weather, these UGGs are different in pattern and appearance but similar in function. Ranging from traditional to downright modern, the most popular sweater-tastic UGGs are expected to pop up on the feet of fashionable women everywhere this year.

A couple of the most anticipated designs are...


UGG Classic Cardy Sweater Boot (shown in photo top-left)

Perfect for a leisurely walk on a crisp morning or a brisk jog through slush on the way to a driveway mailbox, these boots made from the finest Merino wool blend. Not your typical knit concoction, each boot is lined with thick foamy insole and the tried-and-true sheepskin that makes every pair of UGGs a trademarked wonder. You don't have to wear socks! The material wicks away moisture from the inside and the outside, keeping feet super-warm, comfortable, and odor-free. Available in a multitude of natural colors, these are adorned with side buttons for a snug fit no matter how you wear them.


UGG Leland Sweater Boot

Blended with a special mixture of warmth-retaining wool and sheepskin, these boots extend to mid-calf with a stretchy knit to accomodate all shapes and sizes. Worn over jeans or with a pair of leggings, each boot can fold down to cuff at the ankle for a new look, or fold up for a comfortable sweater from your toes to just below the knee. The exterior is chunk and knitted in a cable-fashion for thick protection against winter's worst weather, while the interior is super-soft and airy for a moisture-free stride.


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