Monday, February 4

2013 Women's Ariat Boots

It may be bad luck to brag but we think 2013's women's Ariat boots are "da bomb!" That's right! We're bringing back the 90's slang to describe the amazing boots of now because "swag" just won't cover it. This footwear is refined, enhanced, and up-to-speed with the rapidly changing times (even if we aren't). Each pair is beautiful, unique, and designed with nothing but plush comfort in mind. No more aching feet! It's all heavenly clouds for your tootsies from here on out, baby!

What you can expect:


Ariat Fatbaby Women's Cowboy Boots

These boots would make a bold and necessary addition to you wardrobe, quickly morphing into your latest fashion essentials. Chunky and well-insulated, these boots are perfect for any type of inclimate weather, meaning your feet will stay warm in the cold. For summer months, each boot has a plush insole with moisture-free protection, which means odor-free footsies when the weather is at its hottest. Available in the usual neutral colors, these boots are short with a 7.5 inch shaft and a 1.5 inch heel, ascending to just mid-shin for a look that pairs perfectly with a cute skirt or denim shorts.


Ariat Probaby Women's Cowboy Boots

Starry-eyed surprise! These boots have celestial designs of intricate stiching extending up a 10-inch shaft to dual starred tabs. Each shoe is comprised of a high-quality leather with maximum tread-grip on a rounded rubber outsole. In other words, your piggies will opt for staying home when it comes to scurrying off to the market. Warm, moisture-free, and comfortable, this is footwear your feet have been dreaming about. Or at least it would be if feet could dream.


Ariat Rogue Women's Cowboy Boots (shown in top-left photo)

Finally! Boots that put the dainty goddess back on her rockin' pedastel. Each shoe is studded with accents from heel to toe and upwards to the top of an 11-inch shaft. Accomodating for every outfit with an array of neutral ensemble-friendly colors, these boots are bound to be the best when it comes to avoiding blisters and feeling comfortable all day long.


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