Tuesday, May 17

2016's Sassiest, Best Steve Madden Women’s Boots

Steve Madden boots cover a wide range of requirements, from sassy and sweet, to comfortable but fashionable. These are boots you can pair with anything for a killer appearance that is jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, wow-worthy beautiful.

I spent hours scouring the internet to handpick the best 3 in a line-up of the best Steve Madden women’s boots. It was a challenge—let’s face it, all of these boots are wonderful, but I think I narrowed it down to a trio of the sassiest of the sassy and the best of the best.

Without further ado, my top 3 Steve Madden women’s boots picks are:


Steve Madden Women’s Charrie Boot

Rustic but feminine, these boots mix vintage, Oregon Trail charm with modern comfort and convenience.

Constructed from tough leather, these rugged boots are ones you would wear to clomp around a farm or trek muddy mountain trails.

These kicks are meant for adventurous beauties—those ladies who simply cannot pass up an opportunity to get dirty AND look good.

The laces are thick and well-worn, the insoles are padded, and there are pull tabs for adjustable comfort on each boot back.


Steve Madden Women’s Gorgeous Boot

A whole new level of wow factor, these boots are sleek, sensual, and super sexy—a.k.a. everything you want in a fashionable, fabulous ensemble.

These boots land just over the knees, making them go-to kicks for short skirts or slinky dresses. Or, you could go old-school Nancy Sinatra and pair these with a go-go dress or a hip-curving romper.

As of now, this forgeous footwear is available in black, grey, and taupe—three times the color coordination for your favorite outfits.

There are bowties at the back of each boot, and a stacked heel gives you both a proverbial confidence boost and a literal height boost.


Steve Madden Women’s Freemee Bootie

Witchy woman!

These booties are what I imagine a fashionable, charmed beauty might wear to cast her spells.

The front of each bootie reminds me of a corset with the silver rings and black lace from foot to top. The toes are open, playing peek-a-boo with your pedicure, and the heel is stacked to a lavish 3-inches apiece.

Talk about spellbinding! For optimum, adjustable comfort, there are hidden zippers on the inseam, and the insoles are cushioned to accommodate the natural arches of your feet.


Check out this year's top 5 video list - the "best of" women's boots from the Steve Madden line this spring and summer:

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